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The firm, originally known as Ryder & Yates, was established in Newcastle in 1953 by Gordon Ryder and Peter Yates who created an innovative multi-disciplinary architecture and engineering firm that embraced all of the mid-century technology available to deliver projects such as Norgas House, the engineering research station in Killingworth, and Vickers on Scotswood Road. 
Six decades on and the firm (which rebranded to Ryder Architecture in 1997) is now helmed by Mark Thompson and Peter Buchan, who took over at the practice in 1994, following the then senior partner Ted Nicklin’s tragic and sudden death from cancer. 
In honour of their predecessors, senior partner Peter and managing partner Mark have continued in the same pioneering vein.  
One such example is Ryder’s early adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.
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