Cities: LECCO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Paolo Bodega Architettura is an architectural planning and design studio headed by Paolo Bodega (Lecco, 1961). 
The concept of Team Work is considered strategic in order to obtain the very best professional performance; the objective is to strive for the best results from the planning development stage to the creation of the work, through interaction of clients and technical specialists. 
The involvement of the client from the initial stages of drafting the concept and the work strategy based on multidisciplinary concepts through collaboration of the best specialists on an international level – structuralists, construction electricians, landscapists, environmental/ergonomics/acoustical engineers, energy sustainability experts and cost control experts all enable us to achieve planning goals of great quality. 
The studio has built up a solid reputation by developing projects and realisations where research is based on technological and typological innovation. 
Great attention is paid to aspects linked to environment, energy and economic sustainability: every project has to be strictly in relationship with the context in which is inserted, giving always positive results from an environmental and social point of view. 
This all comes together to express the spirit of the studio, able to offer hi-tech architectural solutions interwoven with the creation of the best aware life style.
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