Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Enrico Iascone Architecture Studio (EIA), founded in 2001 by Enrico and Carlotta Menarini, is based in Bologna, and operates in the field of architectural design with a particular sensitivity to environmental and energy issues, paying special attention to landscaping and including the use of sustainable technologies for the environment. 
Enrico Iascone Architecture Studio combines professionalism with a spirit of contemporary architecture and experimental. They work using the traditional tools of the cad and graphics software and photo editing and rendering, but also by using a specially developed three-dimensional models on the premises of the firm. 
The studio collaborate with specialists to optimize the design result, because designing is never the result of intuition alone, but is the result of close collaboration between different insights and understandings, an ongoing dialogue between the architecture, engineering the technology. 
The architectural result and control of environmental strategies, aimed at saving energy, commitment and professionalism are guaranteed that we devote to the design, in strict compliance with the imposed economic budget.
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