Cities: LECCO
Countries: ITALIA
Categories: Architecture
Arturo Montanelli was born in 1962, graduated at the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Polytechnic of Milan in 1987, with a specialization in Ergonomics. His willingness was that of immediately entering the professional world in a proactive way,fore taking the direction of the architectural design as well as the operational one and of becoming an entrepreneur in activities connected to the protection of the environment and the landscape. He began his professional activity in the year 1990. In the year 2002 he planned the site currently situated in Ugo Bassi street in Lecco: a recovery of an old industrial manufacturing building recycled into a series of working spaces, open and flexible in which the formal purity, the use of material, the research of a continuous spatial distribution between the internal and external part of the site are all an expression of the elements that characterise all its architectural conception. All his works have a common denominator: the strict research of aesthetic, architectonic and technological quality carried out through the study of the architectonic shape and their distributive characteristics, an accurate and precise choice of the materials and their combinations, a careful assessment towards the best possible landscape and environmental insertion. He began to work together with Ezio Riva Studio for different projects and national and international pitches in the year 2000, though the relationship and exchange of ideas about different projects had started way back at University. After a long experience as an assistant and cultivator of the subject, he has been teaching different courses at the Building Engineering University, in Lecco since 1998. Since the year 2008 he has been a member of Technical Commission of Environmental Impact Assessment- VIA/VAS, an institution belonging to the Environmental Ministry and Protection of the Territory and Sea.
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