Cities: MADRID
Countries: SPAGNA
Categories: Architecture
A-cero was founded in 1996 by Joaquin Torres Architects & Rafael Llamazares with the objective of fulfilling their vision of the architecture. 
Currently they have two main headquarters in Spain, located in Madrid and La Coruña. 
The scope of their services includes from the urban planning to the architectural development at all stages, including up to the furniture and the interior design. Their self-explaining architecture aspires to go beyond the resolution of functional needs thanks to the form and the constructive coherence. In each project they work to make their vision of architecture and the needs of our clients come true. 
A-cero is actually positioned as one of the strongest architectural office in Spain, developing more than 500.000sqm per year in national and international projects. 
The studio has a team of over 50 specialized construction professionals, including architects, engineers, technical architects and interior designers. Its multidisciplinary nature allows them to optimize the working times and ensures the continuous service to their clients throughout all phases and areas of the project.
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