Technology Focuses: GLASS
Maison Hermes Dosan Park serves several functions – a cafè, shop, offices, a museum, an exhibition space – and articulates its different spaces by means of an initial vertical hollowing out with the creation of a central patio and two horizontal perforations with the opening of terraces. One of the opening is fully exposed to the sky and looking out to the park; the other is covered and turned towards the city. This play of solid and voids allows the natural light t penetrate inside of the complex and gives its volumetric unity. It offers a promenade which, with the bridges, the terraces and the patio, connects the different functions to each other. The façade is a double skin glass structure, silk screen printed in fine horizontal lines, golden copper on the outer face and white on the inner face. Shining, vibrating, the skin plays constantly with the light. The double skin provides the interior living with privacy, whilst at the same it leaves the view towards the outside free.
1812 Projects