Denis Montel
Cities: PARIS
Countries: FRANCE
Categories: Architecture
For RDAI, the particular and the universal combine to create an essence of architecture. 
Long-renowned for elegant interiors their experience and creativity allows them to embrace every aspect of design from the city to the chair, the place to the object. From the intimate scale of the body and the carefully crafted interior to the urban scale of the street, their architecture is always unique, a response to the context and a conjuring of atmosphere, flow and light. 
RDAI’s legacy stretches back to the firm’s founding in 1972 by the much-admired interior designer, Rena Dumas. Rooted in the elegant architecture of Paris, RDAI’s heritage of interiors, sited in the world’s most luxurious shopping streets, became design laboratories for the incubation of ideas. 
Now directed by Denis Montel the practice has brought its experience to bear on a global architecture addressing every conceivable scale.
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