Jay Berman, Michael Flynn, Yvonne Szeto, Ian Bader, Henry Cobb, Michael Bischof, George Miller, José Bruguera
Cities: NEW YORK
Countries: USA
Categories: Architecture
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners is an international architectural firm based in New York City. Across six decades of practice, they have produced an exceptionally diverse portfolio of work - in scale, program, purpose and expression.  
The practice is widely recognized for their commitment to craft, their sophisticated sense of form, their attention to shaping the public realm and their ability to navigate complex projects and sensitive contexts. 
They have completed over 250 building and planning projects in more than 100 cities across North America and around the world. 
Since their formation as I. M. Pei & Associates in 1955, the practice has been consistently recognized for design leadership and design excellence. 
In addition to a number of awards for the totality of their practice, individual built works have received more than two hundred major awards, including twenty-four AIA Institute Honour Awards and three AIA Twenty-fine Year Awards.
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