Enrico Frigerio
Cities: GENOA
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Architecture
Enrico Frigerio was born in Turin in 1956. He studied architecture at Genoa, where his degree thesis supervisor was Enrico Bona, from whom he learnt a twofold lesson: how to recognize the modern currents and masters of his chosen field and how to develop a special sensitivity for materials. Having pinpointed three great architects (Piano, Rogers and Foster), he was determined to work with one of them. In 1982 he started work at the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, where he learnt the profession, assisting on various projects, including those for the underground stations in Genoa (1983) and the redevelopment of the Lingotto industrial complex in Turin (1983-89). In the course of this experience he met the humanist engineers Peter Rice and Tom Barker, who design structures and industrial plants with a creativity that moves brilliantly beyond the bounds of theory. In 1986 he decided to strike out on his own, founding the Frigerio Associati architecture and design studio, a practice organized on a teamwork basis. Five years later, in 1991, he set up the Frigerio Design Group, whose primary goal is quality and an environmentally friendly approach.
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