Paolo Dellapiana, Ugo Dellapiana, Valentina Giacomini, Antonella Senor
Cities: TURIN
Countries: ITALY
Categories: Architecture
Archicura is a Turin-based architectural practice founded in 1994 by Paolo Dellapiana and Francesco Bermond des Ambrois, in collaboration with Ugo Dellapiana.  
The core of their architectural aims and the constant focus of their attention is the emotional factor which every building can and should have towards its users. This is the key element that contributes to the physical and mental wellness that a construction should always provide through its shape, the materials of which it is made, its function and relationship with the surrounding environment. 
Since their inception, this philosophy has inspired many projects that have allowed the architects to experiment in all the different areas of design, thus constantly making delicate, meaningful and poetic statements that have always been clear and sharp. 
The practice has managed to unravel centripetal forces that take their works at the core of architecture itself. This is an architectural style that often develops in silence. It embraces nature and the surrounding environment.
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