Politecnica, one of the leading integrated design consulting firms for architecture, engineering and urban planning, fully owned by Italian shareholdersʹ will design the enlargement of the University and Hospital complex in Køge, a town located south of Copenhagen, in Denmark.
The project involves the expansion and new construction works of the existing hospital, which from the present 64.000 square meters and 296 beds will be enlarged to 185.000 square meters and 789 beds. 
By this intervention all the regional hospital wards, first aid/emergency and research facilities will be moved and concentrated in the Zealand University Hospital, featuring a single, newly built structure.  
This will turn the Zealand University Hospital in the largest one in the region and among the biggest in Northern Europe, entailing EUR 295 million total investment. The complex, forming an excellence hub for biomedical sciences research, will host the hospital departments equipped with sophisticated medical technology, as well as some areas intended for the university students and congress activities.  
The entire project will be performed on BIM platform (Building Information Modelling), for the effective approach of the intervention complexity and the required integration of the disciplines and special expertise to be covered.  
The BIM model will assure accurate time and cost control, better client, designers and construction companies͛ coordination, besides increased product quality. 
The use of the BIM platform offers Politecnica the capability to combine its creative and vision-oriented approach with integrated disciplines and technical expertise, as a result of the natural development of its business strategy. 

Photo credits: Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura
Countries: DENMARK
Beginning of Construction: 2018
Completion Date: 2024
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