Vestre Fjord Park is a recreational learning and experience landscape that with a simple high-quality architectural structure contributes to the full experience of the unique site by the fjord.
The Limfjord itself, the largest fjord landscape in Denmark, is the grand potential of Vestre Fjord Park. Here one finds 'real' nature - water, bird life, fish, fields, beach and meadows - that together with a wide variety of physical activities and outdoor facilities create the setting for new experiences close to both nature and the city. 
It is the balance between the natural landscape, the planned functions, the new 'water spaces' and the users that really adds life and character to Vestre Fjord Park. 
The vision is to encourage a direct contact to the fjord by establishing better accessibility from land to sea. At the same time, the project aim to strengthen the story of the landscape with a multi functional building structure that frames the potential activities of the water. 
Vestre Fjord Park is divided into several smaller areas, each with their own identity and character. The isthmus to the North with clubs and unspoiled nature along the fjord; the beach around the open air swimming area with sand, water and bathing. The Woods and the Wetlands to the west and south with its dense vegetation close around themselves as a contrast to the open areas of the Wedge and the Plain to the east. 
The precise cut between the two water areas is defined by the isthmus binding together landscape and built structure. 
The multi-functional building structure is located by the promenade, all paths clearly leading here. Vestre Fjord Park is a place where the experiences of fjord, activities and park become one. 

Photo credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj.
Countries: DENMARK
Categories: URBAN DESIGN
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2017
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