The Vershina Trade and Entertainment Centre is the first high-end shopping centre in Surgut and offers space for retail, an indoor roller drome, extreme sports areas, dance studios, restaurants, bars and an underground nightclub. On a total gross floor area of 37,000 m2 spread over eight storeys, the building provides around-the-clock activities for all visitors, young and old. 
The concept for the building is based on a dialectical play between dark and light, solid and transparent, open and closed. The building is equipped with an extensive exterior lighting scheme. 
The primary cuts in the facade divide the basic mass into sharp volumes that allow daylight in, and radiate artificial light at night. These cuts are accompanied by secondary cuts in the facade, the so-called lines of light. The primary and secondary cuts in the building’s skin allow the building to act as a beacon of light during the dark winter months and provide an exciting contrast to the repetitive panel housing that defines the city of Surgut at present. 

Photo credits: Alexey Naroditskiy
Countries: RUSSIA
Categories: RETAIL
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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