The Humanities and Social Sciences Library stands on the east side of the campus main road, in a block in which it is envisaged the construction of other buildings and whose south.east corner is characterized by a green area.
The two main entrances are on the north side where there is also the parking for the several bicycles (the main means of transport within the campus). 
The library is composed of a rectilinear volume marked by a balanced sequence of large windows used to form the rhythmical composition of the facade. It is treated as a single, full-height body in which to insert the large circleof a overturnedconical volume with recessed openings. 
The library features an inner central space, the core of the library, covered by a large skylight, forming a perspective toward the sky and a full-height courtyard faced bythe three levels of the reading rooms, that are sheltered by a screen composed of wooden slats. 
The insulated masonry and the stone cover guarantee a good energy performance throughout the year, adapting to the hot summers and the cold winters of Beijing, while interior spaces feature linar and tempered materials to enhance a warm and essential atmosphere of a place devoted to knowledge and memory. 

Photo credits: Enrico Cano
Countries: CHINA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2011
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