Tjuvholmen Icon Complex
The Tjuvholmen development is a new centre dedicated to art and culture. Located southwest of the centre of Oslo on the site of a disused harbor, the project is based on the integration of art, culture, leisure and tertiary. The proposal relates functions by which it aims to create a new portion of urban fabric, while at the same time re-establishing a relationship between the sea and the town. The complex is composed of three different buildings: an art museum, an office building and a culture centre. The project also includes bridges over the new canals that will be optained through the reclamation of land to the fjord. A sculpture park will gently slope towards the sea offering to visitors a new public space. The entire project is developed along the axis of a new promenade that starts at Aker Brygge and ends on the sea at a floating dock. This promenade divides the built part from the natural field of the project, while at the same time it offers a costant visual contact with the sea. All the buildings are covered by a curved roof that slope down to touch the park level. Its edges extend outwards to reinforce lightness and at the same time to give protection from wind. This kind of covering strongly identifies the project and gives a visual unity throughout the scheme. The proposed materials for the new buildings are few in order to emphasize the unity of the complex and they are subdued to emphasize the roof as the most important architectural element.
Photo credits: Nic Lehoux
Countries: NORWAY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2013
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