The design of the new Tivoli Hjørnet is based on the conviction that the extraordinary natural landscape and evocative atmosphere of Tivoli can and should be part of the everyday life of Copenhagen.
Similarly, by enhancing the magic of Tivoli’s interior, this initiative both preserves and enriches the experience of visiting the garden. 
The extensive frontage on Bernstorffsgade called for an approach both varied and integrated, one that would make a suitable enclosure for the garden while hinting at the delights within. 
On the street side, an undulating glass wall offers a memorable experience for passers-by. The transparency of the glass makes the animation and spirit of Tivoli palpable, while green roofs bring the garden to the street edge. The new building’s modest scale—in keeping with that of the nineteenth-century entry pavilion, Nimb, and the historic city—preserves the dominance of spires on the city skyline as well as that of Tivoli’s own vertical structures. 
On the garden side, the building extends Tivoli’s natural environmental features though a series of curvilinear terraces accommodating outdoor dining and recreation and culminating in the landscaped roof. The combination of retail, dining, and hotel uses takes advantage of the site’s unique location, continuing the rich tradition of superimposed activities and amenities for which Tivoli is famous. 
The high-performance glazed skin of the enveloping glass wall provides solar shading as well as insulation for the interior. On the garden side, terracotta cladding recalls the Copenhagen tradition of warm-hued, clay-based masonry as well as the timber shipbuilding heritage of the historic city. 
In the singular blend of nature and culture that Tivoli represents, landscape predominates. The new building honors this tradition by granting primacy to space and light, nurturing the atmosphere of leisurely contemplation and quiet recreation that is the garden’s hallmark. Similarly, through its intimate scale, the building aligns itself with the historic city while embodying, in its varied form, the spirit of eventfulness, variety, and adventure that characterize Tivoli’s storied tradition. 

Photo credits: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Tivoli A/S
Countries: DENMARK
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2017
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