The dual requirements of a destination restaurant and a public green space located in Lincoln Center for the Performing arts are satisfied with a single architectural gesture sited between the reflecting pool and the plaza’s north edge. The Hypar Pavilion lawn is accessed at its single point of contact with the Plaza. The 2.200 sqm lawn surface lifts up at two opposing corners creating a space for the restaurant sandwiched between the Plaza level and the twisting parabolic roof. The resulting topography of the lawn above is oriented away from city noise and traffic, creating a bucolic urbanism. The restaurant occupies two levels with entrances from 65th street and Hearst Plaza. The main dining floor is co-planar with the Plaza surface and the transparent facades link diners to Lincoln Center’s public life that spills onto the plaza before, during, and after performances. At its center is the kitchen open to the dining areas. The restaurant has a capacity for 194 guests including a Lounge area, Bar seating and private Dining Room located on the 65th street level. Hypar Pavilion continues the firm’s strategic updates to the Lincoln Center campus, which previously included: the redesign of Alice Tully Hall, the expansion and renovation of The Juilliard School, and the public Promenade project.
Countries: USA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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