Due to extensive mining, the Swedish city of Kiruna faced the challenge of moving its entire city center three kilometers east. The new city hall and community center, “The Crystal”, is the first building in new Kiruna. It forms a strong communal space and a symbol of a new beginning.
The city hall consists of two building volumes. The inner building stands out as a golden, crystalline heart, inspired by the area’s significant deposits of iron ore. As a floating sphere, the outer building surrounds the crystal, optimizing the intake of daylight by 17% compared to a square building volume. 
In addition to citizen services, offices, meeting rooms, and council chamber, the building comprises exhibition facilities for local Sami art.  
The building draws inspiration from the city’s culture and history through the crystalline roof structure, while also implementing design features from Kiruna's former city hall ─ a unique work of architecture from 1958 designed by Artur von Schmalensee.
The new city hall makes reference to the historical hall by incorporating its bell tower as well as selected materials and building components. 

Photo credits: Hufton + Crow
Countries: SWEDEN
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2018
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