In association with Jean-Baptiste Ferrari et Associes SA, the architects gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners have won the "Métamorphose - Prés-de-Vidy" project competition for a sports complex and a new urban layout of the surrounding area, west of Lausanne. 
A single circular building combines all functions needed for the sports complex under one roof. The round structure accommodates not only an UEFA football stadium for 13,000 spectators as well as a competition swimming pool, but also a boarding school with special sports facilities, the municipal sports administration and a P & R parking facility for the city of Lausanne. The urban design for the adjoining areas provides residential and commercial units totalling 100,000 m² net floor space.  
The design manages to create an urban link between the diverse structure of the neighbouring quarters, the new proposed residential quarter and the shores of Lake Geneva. Situated on a triangular lot, the site is defined in the south by the motorway and in the west and north by large arterial roads. The monolithic disc, which seems to float above its plinth and which can be seen from afar, creates a new and defining landmark at the entrance to the city of Lausanne. The large, succinct shape reflects the public and prestigious character of the complex.  
The structure of the stadium lies within an ellipse that is enclosed by a larger circular geometry. The remaining crescent shaped area was then allotted for the swimming hall. The roof area is used for harnessing renewable energy with the help of solar thermal and voltaic panels. The swimming pool has been fitted with sky lights to allow for natural daylight. The boarding school and offices have been arranged on the first floor along the periphery of the circle where they benefit from optimum daylight and views of the surrounding landscape.  
The sports complex is surrounded by open spaces, which together, form a homogenous whole. The stadium opens out towards the south towards Lake Geneva and spectators can enjoy a wonderful view of the panoramic Alpine landscape. For visitors to the nearby park along Lake Geneva, approach the sports complex via the newly created landscape bridge. This opening conveys a generous gesture, providing views of the activities in the arena from the outside. The concourse in front of the swimming complex serves as the interface between the residential and the public, sports and leisure, areas. The sports complex, with the newly created open leisure areas and the adjacent residential quarter, is the starting point of an extensive urban expansion programme for the city of Lausanne. 

Photo credits: Gmp Architekten
Beginning of Construction: 2016
Completion Date: 2019
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