The project for this building, intended for healthcare and social services, is called “Hall F“; it is the final piece to complete the historic complex of the Santo Stefano Institute of Rehabilitation in Porto Potenza (MC).
The “Santo Stefano Riabilitazione“ company was founded and developed in this center and is part of “Gruppo Kos.“ It is a rehabilitation center for inpatient and outpatient care. The project is part of a broader redevelopment plan for the complex‘s interior and exterior with the goal of modernizing the facility to bring it in line with the high level of the services it provides. 
The lot‘s particular shape and the two major constraints of the railway and the highway informed the building‘s design, determining its narrow, long shape. The plan also strove to overcome these constraints by focusing on optimizing connections between the healthcare complex‘s different halls, and particularly by building two underpasses, one for vehicles and the other for pedestrians. 
A few of the design‘s key aesthetic choices involved studying the colors in the building‘s surroundings, enhancing humble materials, merging the materials with those used in the rest of the complex, seeking to interrupt sound waves from the street front, and designing the building envelope by putting it in dialogue with the local area‘s history. 
The building covers three above-ground floors and one underground floor that serves for parking, services and technical spaces; on the ground floor are the main entrances and services, as well as an administrative area, a diagnostic area and an outpatient center. The remaining two floors are all for inpatient care. 
A dry building system was chosen and the project was divided into two units, one in precast concrete and the other in structural steel. The external facade on the first and second floors uses lightweight concrete panels that are assembled with a cantilever system to serve as sunbreakers and an acoustic barrier. 

Photo credits: Archea Associati
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2015
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