Western Station is one of four Iconic Stations of the new Riyadh Metro. The design proposal, for this remarkable 110.000 m2, aims to be a catalyst for urban renewal, demonstrating a design reflective of local culture and heritage with a landmark quality. The new urban "crossroad", will host an above ground Metro Station, Bus Station, underground Park & Ride facility, a Market, Mosque and vast public plaza. This "Western Place" unfolds into a complex hierarchical landscape that alternates a series of open spaces with more intimate ones, through the skilled combination of natural and artificial elements. The plaza, envisaged as a new and major urban polis external to the downtown area, is a re-vitalizing force that will re-connect existing neighborhoods, provide for transportation and services, and boost economic development for the surrounding area and for the City at large. The site is located in the Dhahrat Al Badi’ah quarter, southwest of downtown Riyadh, a predominantly 2-story residential neighborhood, on the south side of Al Madinah Al Munawarah Street, a main artery road. The area currently houses a vegetable market and large parking lot at grade level. Similarly, to the south, along Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Abdul-Latif Street, commercial properties line the eastern side of the street. The new Metro/Bus Station/Market development will trigger further commercial development along its entire stretch and within the immediate neighborhood.
Photo credits: Omrania
Designer: ONE WORKS
Beginning of Construction: 2013
Completion Date: 2020
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