The Retail Park, located near the Milano-Genova highway, is part of a bigger development plan which also includes the implementation of a new residential area.
The Retail Park is composed of 6 independent mono and two-levels buildings of 36.000 square meters gross which lean of a underground parking of about 27.000 square meter with a capacity of 500 cars. 
The buildings form the shape of the letter “V” with the corner pointing South. 
TEKNE combined the high level imagine required by the Investor and by 5+1aa (Architects) with the operation requirements and tenants imagine. The entire structure has been realized by means of concrete prefab plinths and aseismic criteria. 
The façades fronting the parking have a wainscot realized by means of prefab panels and by a basso-relievo numbering completed on the upper part by a covering in co-extruded cellular polycarbonate plates characterized by different colour shades. 
Wainscot and polycarbonate plates together suggest the image of a “bar code”. The façades facing the court have been designed in prefab concrete panels. Every building is independent having its own cold fluids production plants and transformer room. Hot fluids are produced by a cogeneration plant which serves the entire district. The fire-fighting plant is also belonging to the district. 

Photo credits: Maurizio Bianchi, Simone Simone
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