Two four-floored buildings, one with mansard roof, have been developed, along with two under- floored garages and caveau-cellars. Extreme neatness of the lines and the use of simple and rigorous shapes define the building. The ground floor is open on pilotis and hosts green areas with Zen gardens; the mansard floor is recessed in the façade, creating agreeable balconies. The materials employed are of great value: the ventilated façade is made of large slabs in stoneware to assure a stone-effect, while the cover, the roof-floor and the stairs are coated with zinc. The roof is composed of curved beams in lamellate wood, prominent from the mansard roof and supporting brise-soleil bands coated with zinc, in order to protect the terraces. An innovative system was expressly developed for outdoor frames, with metal sliding shutters, composed by a modular cellule, adaptable to the different openings of the façade. The buildings contain twenty-one flats of different sizes, surface between 50 and 90 square metres, fit with one or more bath-rooms, overlooking outside. The flats have large balconies on the internal courtyards, coated with staved wood.
Photo credits: Giugiaro Architettura
Countries: ITALY
Categories: HOUSING
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2004
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