Strandkai - “Beach Quay” - is the name of a residential quarter that is being developed on one of the most prominent sites in Hamburg’s HafenCity port district at the western tip of the Strandkai peninsula.
Embedded into the overall planning of the elevated land area for dwellings and upscale outdoor facilities, four residential buildings, two 7-storey blocks-like structures and two residential highrises are originating that shall decisively mark the cityscape to the south. 
The residential highrise drafted by Hadi Teherani containing 15 upper storeys and a mezzanine level as upper termination lies in the direct vicinity of the Marco Polo Tower. A dialogue between buildings is created due to the corresponding elevation profile and accentuation of the horizontal. 
The design is based on variation in the layered arrangement of storeys with surrounding balconies. On stacked penthouses whose cornerpoints protrude and recede to follow a rhythm. In this way a dynamic building structure arises that does justice to its highly visible location. All of the flats profit from the surrounding balconies, which can be perceived as ship decks above the water and enable a relation to outdoors for all the interior rooms.  
In addition, the spacious loggias offer far-reaching views across the Elbe river and the city itself, as well as towards the Elbphilarmonie complex. 

Photo credits: Hadi Teherani
Countries: GERMANY
Categories: HOUSING
Completion Date: 2021
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