The extension of the TGV high-speed rail service sto Turin was an opportunità to remodel Porta Susa Station, which is set to become the first Italian stop on the Paris-Rome line.
The railway tracks, which bisected the city, have conveniently been buried in an 8-metre deep cut-and-cover to make room on the surface for a new urban highway dubbed “La Spina”. 
To showcase the presence of the railway lines below the avenue, a glassed-in gallery running the entire 380-metre length of a twin TGV trainset has been created. 
Passengers access the platforms using ramps and escalators built as a consequence and which also provide connections to the city’s metro system. 
By reverting to the archetypal 19th century Turin arcades, this glass-roofed street featuring services, shops and restaurants, is as much a focus of urban living as an intermodal hub.
Countries: ITALY
Designer: AREP
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2013
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