The new bridge is a landmark structure connecting the richly landscaped residential community of Sunnyside on the north side of the river with the modern urban downtown community of Eau Claire, located on the south side of the river. The 126-meter long and 8-meter wide with a total height at 5.85 meters bridge structure is embedded as a sculptural, yet mathematically-derived element into a naturally landscaped surrounding and its sculptural appearance generates a striking contrast with the surrounding landscape. 
The structured shape is defined by a helix developed over an oval cross section with two clearly defined tangential radii creating an architectural space within. The upper openings are filled with glazed leaves bent to the same shape as the exterior of the helical form offering protection to the users from the rain and winter weather conditions. 

Photo credits: Alan Karchmer
Countries: CANADA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2012
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