The Park Tower is situated in a unique location within walking distance from the new MAS museum, the harbor district ‘Eilandje’, the waterfront beside the river Scheldt and the historic city center.
The project is integrated into the strategic development project that is aimed to transform the northern quarters of the city and will play a connecting role between parts of the city that have been remodeled earlier. 
With a total height of 78 meters, the Park Tower is now one of the highest buildings in Antwerp and therefore plays an important role in reshaping its skyline. The strikingly bright white exterior turns the tower into an attention-grabbing beacon that stands out as a landmark for the entire district. Located along one of Antwerp's most important roads, the tower acts as a gateway when entering the city.  
The tower is a vertical reflection of a classic urban street: from the ground floor which has a commercial function the tower literally stacks up to host different habitation styles in the 20 higher stories. The tower comprises 360 habitation units. The first 10 floors are made up of 160 studios and 80 student rooms. This way the project offers an answer to the growing need for comfortable living space for single-person households, students, young couples and expats. On the next 10 floors we find 115 habitation units with 1 or 2 bedrooms and elderly care facilities. 
Each studio or apartment has a private terrace. To be able to use these terraces in a comfortable way, a particular wind protection concept was conceived by the architects. The effectiveness of this concept was then calculated and approved at the Technical University of Eindhoven. The glass panels are randomly placed, in order to reduce the wind discomfort to an absolute minimum, even at high altitude. This allowed to develop a playful, layered façade with a fascinating dynamic of constantly changing light and shadow. The double façade also protects privacy and reduces vertigo. 

Photo credits: Studio Farris Architects
Countries: BELGIUM
Categories: HOUSING
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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