The architectural concept originates inextricably from its location right in the heart of Parramatta. Drawing inspiration from the urban context, heritage, and the timeless New South Wales landscape, the firm’s proposal meets the challenge of shaping the transformation of Parramatta. 
Once they guaranteed the integration of the building with the city and open spaces, they sought a building aesthetic inspired by the local, historical and natural context to develop the most sustainable, integrated design solution. 
Their aim was to design a tower that could not be anywhere else in the world as it belongs to its location, the City of Parramatta. A tower is defined by its verticality. 
The firm searched for inspiration within the New South Wales landscape for a characteristic Australian element that could help us express this verticality; an element that has to establish a link rooted within its placement in the heart of Parramatta. They found their inspiration in the eucalyptus tree. 

Photo credits: Rafael de La-Hoz
Countries: AUSTRALIA
Categories: HOUSING
Beginning of Construction: 2017
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