Sited on a prominent island in the middle of the OCT harbor lake, The 118,400 sf OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse consists of two buildings occupying an artificial island on the southern edge of Shenzhen, a waterfront financial center north of Hong Kong. The Clubhouse provides a quiet oasis for guests and members with a restaurant, a multi-purpose area, as well as recreational facilities, a fitness center and a small exhibition gallery. At the south end of the island, linked to the Clubhouse by an outdoor pathway and garden, is the structure that houses the Indoor Pool and Fitness Center. The simple geometry of the Fitness Center contrasts with the adjacent Clubhouse in scale and form, finding a balance with the extroverted outline of the Clubhouse and energizing the dialogue between the two structures. The geometry of the Clubhouse follows a precise focal point from which “layers” of distinct spaces radiate and terminate in a sweeping curve that is seen from the Cultural and Entertainment Center across the water. The project is also the first building to use Corian panels as an exterior cladding façade material. Chosen because of its color and surface quality, Corian offered the ability to clad the tall walls of the Clubhouse with very large panels. This almost seamless surface was then articulated with finely detail open joints, either 3 or 20 mm wide. Complementing the geometry of the Clubhouse and the Fitness Center the meandering paths through the gardens evoke a strong sense of the Chinese landscape philosophy. Various vistas, textures, flowers and settings offer a private experience and opportunity for solitude, as well as platforms to admire the surrounding harbor entertainment complex. The OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse demonstrates innovative construction techniques, a unique composition of light and space, and challenges the usual fitness center typologies. The dramatic planes and natural light shape the space, define the building and animate the interior spaces. Photo credits: Roland Halbe.
Countries: CHINA
Categories: MIXED USE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2012
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