O-14 -

O-14 stands at the heart of business bay. The tower's concrete shell not only is the structure of the building but also creates a lace-like façade open to light, air, and views.
21 stories of custom-designed office floors are carried without the barriers of conventional columns and walls. At ground level, exclusive shops link this site to Business Bay's waterfront esplanade combining high-end shopping eminent culture and popular entertainment. Below grade, four levels of parking provide capacity for over 400 cars. 
The openings on the shell are modulated depending on the structural requirements, views, sun exposure and luminosity. 
A space nearly one meter deep between the shell and the main enclosure creates a chimney effect: hot air has room to rise and effectively cools the surface of the glass windows behind the perforated shell. This passive solar technique essentially contributes to a natural component to the cooling system, thus reducing energy consumption and costs. 

Photo credits: Nelson Garrido
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2010
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