The building for the research center of the firm Norvento is located on the border between an industrial enclave and a forest, close to the city of Lugo. 
The project adopts the form that enables the building to open on to the forest and be in a continuum with it, capitalizing on all the attributes that the woods can contribute to the architecture, while closing up on the side facing the adjacent industrial scene. It uses the opportunity to establish a clear-cut scheme through architectural, typological, and spatial attributes. 
The project takes off from a reflection about the office type and proposes a manner of working and researching that calls for something different from the typical large anonymous administrative building with identical office units of little interest. The new workplace must have a certain ‘"domesticity"; be a place where both privacy and encounters are possible. A place which is not defined, delimited, but somehow in daily reinvention, through interaction with users. 
The floor plan presents areas that stretch on and become part of the park, and this layout makes it possible to structure each department in a differentiated, autonomous way, enabling programs to be enlarged in the future, as specified in the competition brief. 
The interior tries to strike a balance between simplicity and surprise. The floor plan is not orthogonal, and the layout of volumes generates rich interior geometries, especially at the points of encounter. The geometries definitely qualify the spaces. 
The building is autonomous energy-wise and is unconnected to the web. 

Photo credits: Francisco Mangado
Countries: SPAIN
Categories: OFFICES
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2017
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