Located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site between the Albert Dock and the Pier Head, and next to a row of prominent historic buildings dubbed ‘The Three Graces’ the museum building is conceived as inclined or elevated platforms, gradually forming a sculptural structure.
Fully accessible it contributes to the public promenade flow along the Docks. Situated at the Pier Head, the museum is visible from both the river and the city. 
The design is reminiscent of the trading ships which at one time dominated the harbour, while the façade’s relief pattern puts forward a new interpretation of the historical architectural detail in the ‘Three Graces.’ 
The enormous gabled windows open up towards the City and the Harbour, symbolically drawing history into the Museum, while at the same time allow the curious to look in. 
The outdoor areas around the Museum offer seating with views to the water adding to the dynamic urban environment and serving as a meeting point for locals and visitors alike.  
The theme is carried through into the Museum of Liverpool’s central atrium, with its sculptural sweeping staircase leading up to the galleries further encouraging social interaction. 
The new Museum of Liverpool ambitions to become the World’s leading city history museum, showcasing social history and popular culture and will look at Britain and the world through the eyes of Liverpool. 
More than 250,000 visited the museum within the first four weeks after the opening. 

Photo credits: 3XN
Designer: 3XN
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2011
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