The plot of five hectares is located approximately seven kilometres from the city centre of Puebla, at the intersection of the “Boulevard de Atlixcayotl” and the “Avenida de las Torres”.  
The building, 19.52 m maximum height, is elevated 2 m from original ground. Thus it is easily recognizable from the two main roads, acting as a beacon. The MIB has two levels above ground. The total floor area is approximately 18,149 m². 
The structure consists of concrete walls and slabs that have been developed in collaboration with the Mexican company DANSTEK which specialises in precast concrete. The structure composed of precast walls and slabs were also developed jointly with DANSTEK. The walls are precast on the exterior and cast in-situ on the interior. 
The exposed concrete has a bush-hammered texture, making it easy to rectify any defects to the finishes on site.  
As part of the structural strategy, the museum is a single rigid volume, giving the building earthquake resistant qualities. 
Exhibition spaces are mainly located on the lower floor. Upon entering the building one will reach the main hall, from which you can immediately access the museum exhibition areas, the auditorium as well as the upper level. The permanent exhibition includes a visit to eight exhibition halls, each with a different theme that provides a broad view of the various appearances of the Baroque. The temporary exhibition is in three 400 m² adjacent rooms, which can be used as individual halls, flexibly merged into a large hall of 1,200 m² or configured into a medium sized 800 m² hall with one small 400 m² hall. On this same floor there is an auditorium with 312 seats, allowing it to be used independently for other cultural uses or serving the adjacent exhibition areas at different times. Rooms related to research, education and dissemination of Baroque art are located on the upper floor. Visitors can observe the restoration process of Baroque works of art, seek reference inoriginal documents in the specialized library, playfully learnabout the Baroque in the educational link (both children and adults), and enjoy the baroque flavours in the restaurant with a terrace overlooking the park.  
All rooms that hold works of art have strict temperature and humidity control, separated from the public areas, to preserve the art work at its optimal conditions. 

Photo credits: Patrick Lopez Jaimes, Luis Gordoa
Countries: MEXICO
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2016
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