Nagoya has long cultivated performance art and artists and is known as the place of entertainment within Japan.
Misono-za, is located in the center of Nagoya’s theater district and the firm was tasked with reviving the historic space. The building is a new and unusual complex in that it integrates a shopping center facing a main road, as well apartments above the theater. 
The former theatre had walls of Namako-kabe (black square tiles with raised white grout), and they used this as the motif of their design developing into a glamorously illuminated façade that could match the “flower” of the city. 
As for the interior, they looked back to the old Misono-za by using vermillion as the basic colour. A wide corridor stretching from the foyer to the main entrance was covered with vermillion helping to enhance this bright and beautiful theater that represents Nagoya. 

Photo credits: Kengo Kuma and Associates
Countries: JAPAN
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2018
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