International design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA), with Australian real estate group Lendlease, has won the international competition for a 10-million square foot (1-million square meter) master plan to reimagine the former site of Milan World Expo 2015. 
The master plan for Milan will establish a theme park for science, knowledge and technology, featuring a one-mile long linear park and the world’s first neighborhood planned for self-driving cars. 
The plan sets up facilities for co-working, co-living, and co-making, as well as offices and research centers, university faculties, residences and cultural spaces, and areas for urban agriculture. 
“Since cities emerged ten thousand years ago, they have served as civilization’s most powerful engine of innovation. Innovation is also at the core of our master plan, by which the former site of Milan World Expo will become a place where to experiment with new ways of working, doing research, inhabiting spaces, getting around, and overall enjoying life – a garden city shaped by the evolving needs of its inhabitants. As CRA, we are thrilled to be involved in the creation of this living lab on tomorrow’s Milan.” Carlo Ratti, founding partner of CRA, Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab. 

Photo credits: Carlo Ratti Associati
Countries: ITALY
Beginning of Construction: 2017
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