The proposal for Venice's new VIP Lounge uses glass as both a generator of form and a finishing material, bearer of a strong and recognizable identity, expression of the individual character of place to which it belongs. The floor plan configures two macro-areas, one being the negative of the other. A series of glass cylinders form a ribbon wall to describe them. On the one side, looking out on to the runway and lit by the large present day windows, is the main relax area, characterized by the glass wall and the ceiling's undulating movement together with the existing parquet flooring. The buffet counter, positioned centrally, along with several seating systems, contributes also to the atmosphere. On the other side of the glass partition, ancillary functions and services (reception, coatroom, changing rooms, restrooms, storage, and food preparation areas) are near to the airports central core. Among these functions are interspersed two quiet areas, secluded spaces suited for reading or simple rest.
Photo credits: One Works
Countries: ITALY
Designer: ONE WORKS
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2017
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