The museum occupies a marginal position and is set higher up than the other buildings in the new development. At the highest point of this particolar relief condition, the design becomes a Landmark and its representative for the new urbanization proposed by the Samsung Foundation.
The trees on the top of the volumes are reminiscent of the fluttering flags on medieval towers or frontier posts. The presence of the architecture completes the top end of the urbanization proposed for the hill. 
The museum building stands as an isolated object rising up from the sloping green plane joining a high and low road. 
The building emerges from the ground as a set of two simple linked volumes: a parallelepiped linear building in the upper part and an inverted cone volume in the lower part, which enters the ground near the low road. 
The cladding in terracotta tiles: plane panels in alteration with trapezoidal sectioned elements for the parallelepiped linear volume and only trapezoidal sectioned tiles for the cone volume. 

Photo credits: Mario Botta Architetti
Countries: SOUTH KOREA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2004
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