Despite a tight budget, the concert hall provides a world-class auditorium that responds to stringent sustainability requirements while welcoming the world’s most prestigious orchestras. The program includes the concert hall, adaptable for film projection, lectures, and amplified music, as wells as a black-box theater, conference rooms, rehearsal and practice spaces, a library and learning center, restaurant, café, student lounge, and other amenities. Exceptional measures were taken to meet the building’s acoustic and sustainability goals. Natural air taken from the outside is channeled and used to ventilate the concert hall and other parts of the building, 85% of which is naturally ventilated, creating one of the few naturally ventilated concert halls of this prominence in the world. Locally-sourced, non-toxic recycled OSB was used for wood finishes to meet acoustic, economic, and ecological requirements. Programs including offices and ateliers are located on the periphery to bring in daylight and provide natural ventilation directly through operable façades opening to planted grounds or upper-level balconies. Roof overhangs, exterior fabric blinds, and double glazing minimize the effects of direct sunlight and reduce energy costs. 
Photo credits: Iwan Baan
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2014
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