LANE 189 -

Lane 189, located in the Putuo district in central Shanghai, combines retail, restaurant and office spaces in an organisation that rearranges the typical mall into a vertical city centre that oers opportunities for shopping, strolling, eating, gathering and resting.
Based on a hexagonal grid, the facade components follow the articulated geometry of the building and provide constantly changing perspectives. 
Large double-height facade openings present the interior programme to the outside world. These ‘urban eyes’ simultaneously create large display platforms for products whilst providing balconies with views to the surroundings. 
The interior of Lane 189 derives its character from a central void which cuts through the volume from base to top and is punctuated by a series of rounded plateaus. These smaller pockets, positioned in a rotational manner, create intimate plazas and are visually connected to the urban eyes of the facade. The existing qualities of the immediate urban surroundings, which include small-scale restaurants and boutique stores, are reected in the building where they are stacked vertically to populate the envelope with programmatic destinations that can be seen from street level. 

Photo credits: Hufton + Crow.
Countries: CHINA
Categories: RETAIL
Designer: UNSTUDIO
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2016
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