The Cubics project deals with the front between the old town and the Singuerlin neighborhood. The urban strategy consists in creating a new centrality by introducing amenities at the urban scale, such as a hotel and multiscreen cinema.
The program is completed by 200 dwellings. This involved three basic concepts: 
1. Verticality of the buildings to free up land, reducing their impact and adapting to the morphological characteristics of the area. 
The private building is 25 floors high, and the social housing block has 14 floors. The hotel stands seven storeys high. 
2. Freeing up as much as 8,500 m2 of land to create green space that extends Europa Park and connects with the leisure complex at Can Zam. 
3. Symbolism at an urban level. A double symbolic element is generated, the gateway to the Singuerlin neighborhood which is defined by the formal dialogue between the two high-rise residential buildings. 
The three buildings are arranged on the site in such a way that the entrances, marked by large projections, configure a great urban space, forming a porched plaza. 

Photo credits: Pedro Pegenaute
Countries: SPAIN
Categories: MIXED USE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2011
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