A residential building with 47 dwelling units lies next to Jurčkova Street.
The building is divided in two lamellas parallel with the street. Due to mostly individual infill in direct vicinity of new building, lamellas are further divided into smaller blocks, which differentiate by colour and measure. 
Coloured, concrete balconies are arranged commonly on both lamellas connecting smaller blocks back to a whole. Despite the large number of balconies privacy is ensured with closed side of balconies. 
Entrance to residential buildings is from inner yard between lamellas. Each block has its own staircase that serves only few units. Majority of dwelling units are bilaterally oriented. Considering the needs of occupants it is possible to change plan design to achieve south or north orientation of the rooms. 

Photo credits: Miran Kambič
Countries: SLOVENIA
Categories: HOUSING
Designer: ENOTA
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2007
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