The Jubilee Campus expansion project delivers a remarkable new environment for research, study, business and leisure to be enjoyed by both the university and the city of Nottingham as a whole. 
Three new buildings and the Aspire sculpture signal the transformation of a former industrial site and create a new identity for the campus. 
Dramatically angular in form, International House and the Amenities Building emerge from the landscape like natural landforms and feature dynamic facades clad in red and brown terracotta tiles randomly arranged for maximum visual impact. 
The Sir Colin Campbell Building houses a range of facilities for new businesses, and straddles the main campus road to forge a physical link between the academic and business and enterprise zones of the campus. A cladding of zinc shingles emphasises the sinuous curves of the structure and establishes the building as a distinctive new focal point for the campus. 
All buildings feature high-performance facades which reduce heating and cooling loads, and internal air quality is maintained using a highly efficient displacement system. 
A series of heat pumps extract embodied energy from lakes nearby through a closed loop system, using it to cool the buildings in summer and heat them in winter; in turn, all rain and run-off water is carefully collected and fed back into the lakes in order to preserve this natural resource. 

Photo credits: Make Architects.
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2008
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