Isozaki Towers in Bilbao stand as an urban and architectural project in the heart of the city. It finally resolves two questions that town planning had previously been unable to solve: first of all, it brings the Ensanche to the River and secondly it links the two urban areas of the Ensanche and Campo Volantín in a resounding yet sensitive manner. This project provides the city with direct access to the Uribitarte riverside esplanade by means of monumental steps, while at the same time integrating the close footbridge by Santiago Caltrava and creating diverse public spaces in the area, with a wealth of aspects and uses on its three levels. On the architectural level, the work is a benchmark for its uniqueness, construction characteristics and volume, defining the beginning of the city from the River, which is understood to be its backbone, with these two curtain wall buildings of impressive simplicity, which aim to go unnoticed yet be present at the same time.
Countries: SPAIN
Categories: MIXED USE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2008
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