An iconic tower is on the rise in Manila celebrating the people and culture of the Philippines while giving back to the city with generous public spaces for both learning and celebrations.
With its elegant, delicately weaved façade and welcoming public spaces, the Icone Tower sets a shining example of what contemporary Filipino architecture can be.  
The 275 meters spanning 36 floors contains a gallery, a publicly accessible museum and observatory, conference hall, restaurant and dining facilities as well as attractive, daylight infused office spaces. 
Henning Larsen is designing a truly Filipino building supporting the culture’s strong penchant for gatherings and celebrations, traditionally enjoyed in public spaces. 
At the plaza, in the shadow of trees from Filipino rainforests, they offer a protected space for popular activities and social gatherings, creating life in the heart of the city. 

Photo credits: Henning Larsen
Categories: MIXED USE
Completion Date: 2021
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