Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt, a riverport park quarter, is one of the most attractive urban development sites in Germany.
The ensemble lies in the immediate vicinity of the ECB on the newly designed bank of the Main river, an address that promptly lends commensurate prestige. The southern construction zone, where around 290 apartments and a hotel are going to be built in accordance with the urban development land-use plan, represents a key building block towards evolving this quarter in Frankfurt’s eastern Ostend district, a quarter which bears significance for city planning here. 
The ensemble’s shape has been designed solely on the basis of the sightlines that suggest themselves and optimal lighting proportions: the block is opened up to the south to provide all of the apartments with a view of the Main. To the west, the height of the block perimeter has been reduced so that the inner court receives as much light as possible in the late afternoon. 
Two solitary high-rises exhibiting outstanding qualities as residences additionally create an external effect that imparts an identity to the whole. Outdoor and indoor space are intended to be linked with one another to the best possible extent, while each apartment is supposed to profit from the out-of-the-ordinary location and fantastic views, i.e. of the Main both upriver and downstream along with the Frankfurt skyline. All of the apartments equally receive an unusually large share of quite usable terraces and rooftop terraces facing the sun. 
A sophisticatedly drafted green free space arises within the block’s interior that spans the entire grounds in the form of a sculpted lawn-like meadow. Copses of well-spaced low trees traverse the meadow, albeit the continuous treetop canopy opens up to form large clearings. The clearings are optionally shaped into lower-lying venues for contemplation, a playground for children, sunbathing lawns or a meeting point. 
The ensemble’s exterior appearance was deliberately interpreted in a holistic fashion with an eye to the majestic structure of the ECB building. In terms of detail, however, its overall shape differs from the neighbour due to its diversified housing typologies, for instance two-storey townhouses, apartments and penthouses: building sections leap out or have been recessed, are set as single or two-floored units, balconies protrude from the façade, and widely differing entryways emerge as a result. 

Photo credits: Hadi Teherani
Countries: GERMANY
Categories: HOUSING
Completion Date: 2020
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