The shape of the tower makes think of a big tree: the bottom of the tower grows larger like roots, while the body of the tower remains well straight and vertical. Just like the tree bark, the façade is covered with scales, more important and more marked at the bottom than at the top. The color of the tower takes inspiration from the vegetable colors: light green, dark green. Mirrors are encrusted in the relief of the tower to allow the reflection of the colors of the environment and the sky. All those colors reminding nature wrap the botanical and scientific garden located at the heart of the building. This garden located at the crossroads of the large avenues is clearly visible and creates a welcoming and unexpected place at the exit of the central station of Osaka. At day and night the garden remains present in the city and becomes the live symbol of the building.
Categories: MIXED USE
Technology Focuses: GLASS
Status: Completed
1870 Projects