A set of seven buildings including real and pastiche Haussmannian styles, as well as a building dating from the 1970's, formed a nearly complete urban block in the Triangle d’or (the corner of the Champs-Elysées and the Avenue George V).
The restaurant Le Fouquet's is the flagship property of the Barrière company. The goal was to unify these disparate elements and to make it the next parisian “Palace”, thus establishing a strong new image. 
In this sensitive context, both historic and ostentatious, they invented the concept of Moulé-Troué (Cast and punctured). They replicated the authentic Haussmannian facade of the block. They then applied it onto the facades, like a bas-relief from Petra. The molded casting is then pierced by large openings that are completely independent of the Haussmannian lines but very relevant to the plans and the visual comfort of the rooms. The courtyard is colonized by a forest of vertical aluminum branches. A hanging garden on the terrace of the first floor offers enchanting scenery. The new interior layout achieves the expected level of luxury. 
Since its opening, the hotel has become an essential fixture in Paris. 

Photo credits: Maison Édouard François
Countries: FRANCE
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2006
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