L22 has designed the new facade of Valmontone Outlet, which includes a new entrance way to the food court that is also part of the project.
The facade design is inspired by the aesthetic appearance of Valmontone Outlet: a village of houses built in various styles and designs. L22 opted for a process of abstraction and stylisation to create a playful image with plenty of clear-cut, identifiable features. The facade is actually designed like a row of colourful, geometric, playful constructions representing the archetype of a home.  
Visitors are greeted by nine iconic houses that look as if they have been designed by children, made of checker plate painted in a range of shades and colours. The extruded central house acts as the main entrance gate leading directly into the new Food Court. 
The creation of an eye-catching building front is accompanied by the complete redesign of the refreshments area, now focused in the north-west part of the Outlet. This position was chosen because it offers an extremely convenient entrance for cars and could be used and managed independently from the outlet and its opening hours.  
The new Food Court provides somewhere to rest and take a break from shopping in the name of well-being and relaxation in a peaceful and sociable setting. The outsides of the shops and restaurants are designed like terraces with wooden floors, compete with their own custom-designed urban furnishing creating islands of tables and seats.

Photo credits: Lombardini22
Countries: ITALY
Categories: RETAIL
Designer: LOMBARDINI22
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2016
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