The fire station in Santo Tirso and accompanying barracks by renowned portuguese architect Alvaro Siza optimizes the livability and functions surrounding a structure that needs to perform efficiently at any moment of the day while still providing the necessary comforts of home. a lobby, reception, offices, board room, and fully accessible bathrooms are organized over three floors that contain separate entrances from the peripheral streets, streamlining circulation. Simple rectilinear geometries are accentuated through the use of material. The angular barracks are made of a uniform brick, attached to the garage space which is a pristine concrete box composed of a thin envelope made structurally sound with integrated beams in a regular grid pattern. Glass panels cut into the solid masses exposing the corridors and public spaces, highlighted with an overhanging eave that shades the interior during hot summer days. All the structures are within a landscaped site where the green sections continue onto the rooftops, and expansive paved driveways allow plenty of space for the large trucks and events. The interior contains pristine white surfaces that create a bright relaxing ambiance. Photo credits: Joao Morgado.
Countries: PORTUGAL
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2013
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