The area lies at the heart of the industrial complex Ferrari in Maranello. The center, located between the Wind Tunnel and the building of the engineering sector, represents the predominant image of Ferrari SpA. This building houses the offices of the technical direction of Ferrari. 
The project comes from the desire of bringing the natural environment into this high-technology complex, so to create a comfortable working place. Electricity, water and bamboo plants are used, so the building could become the landscape itself. The whole is dominated by an embossed volume that extends 7 meters above the entrance area, separated from the rest of the building and suspended above the water surface, that covers the lower volume. The last one is the main iconic landmark of the building. Above the water line a few walkways create an interconnected network between the two meeting rooms, each distinguished by their colors, red and yellow. The water and its reflection are the main elements of the project. The second element modifies the first, in time and space, that is the elimination of the concept of space and time. The water becomes a vehicle of change for the architecture designing new spaces, thanks to the presence of reflections and glares caused by light beams from the cuts of the suspended volume. Below the thin tank that, hit by the sun, gives the idea of containing precious metal material, almost a forge of the industrial creation, there is an area of bamboo, an ordered rectangle of nature, able to filter the light and dissect it in a thousand directions. 

Photo credits: Maurizio Marcato, Ramon Prat
Countries: ITALY
Status: Completed
Inaugurazione: 2004
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